Ecommerce Evolution Worldwide

Many predict Ecommerce will soon become the largest retailers across the globe. However, some countries are much quicker to go digital than others. North America and Asia seem to have the highest turnover rates, but parts of Western Europe fall not too far behind.

Ecommerce is not only experience exponential growth over computer purchases, but mobile devices as well. In 2017, 68% of sales in China were purchased over mobile phones. Mobile ecommerce is said to have the greatest rate of growth compared to any other ecommerce platform worldwide.

South Korea and China have the greatest ecommerce revenue. 17% of China’s retail sales were ecommerce sales in 2016 and is the largest market in the world. Alibaba and JD.COM are China’s predominant retailers and are continuing to find ways to make it easier for online shoppers to make their purchases.

It is predicted in that 2020 North American ecommerce sales will account for 16% of total retail sales. Within Europe, the countries who are predicted to lead and earn the most revenue from the ecommerce markets are UK, Denmark, and Finland. However, Germany and France have the largest retailing markets in Western Europe. The UK, in 2017, had the largest ecommerce sales, because unlike Germany and France, they have successfully converted their Grocery markets to ecommerce markets. However, it is said that Germany, who has the largest market in Western Europe, has recently expanded their ecommerce by increasing footwear and apparel sales online.

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