How Amazon FBA Business Accounts Sell for Millions?

Amazon vendors are selling their businesses for millions, some of them even for 23 times their monthly revenue. The Amazon FBA Business accounts that sell for the highest amounts are typically 3-5 years old, have established their own brand and sell their own exclusive products.

A buyer is willing to buy out an Amazon FBA Business account based on return-on-investment (ROI) and relative risk. Amazon accounts increase in value when they increase in age and have predictable growth trends. Additionally, the account must have branded, unique and diversified products with low competitors.

If you decide to sell your Amazon FBA Business you can either go through a broker or try and sell it yourself after having the business evaluated. Then there are some negotiations between the seller/broker and buyer. Once the exchange is completed, the previous owner trains the new owner on how to effectively run the business.

One can sell their small Amazon FBA Business on forums or classified platforms, where as medium size businesses can sell their Amazon FBA Business through a broker. The brokers help find buyers and then assist in contracting the deals. Much larger businesses, which have been around for a few years, can sell their businesses through investment banks.

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