Ecommerce Evolution in Europe

Ecommerce in Europe has seen significant growth in the past years. From 2016 to 2017 the market in Europe has seen an impressive 11% growth. In 2013 the ecommerce industry was worth 307 billion euros, but by 2018 was expected to rise to 602 billion, now that’s a big jump!

The three largest ecommerce markets in Europe are Germany, the UK and France. Western Europe is credited for highest ecommerce rates, who account for 68% of the total European online retail turnover. However, many other countries in Western, Eastern, Northern and Southern Europe are experiencing a major turnover.

As expected, Amazon and Ebay are major ecommerce markets in Europe, however, what’s unexpected is their latest competition known as, Alibaba Group, AKA AliExpress, which comes from Asia. Many Eastern European countries are ordering from Aliexpress, however, so far, Amazon continues to take the lead in major Western European markets.

Of course, one needs internet to make online purchases. Countries with the most internet users or, who have the fastest internet, typically dominate the online shopping scene. In 2017 86% of the population in the UK were shopping online, while 84% were in Sweden. Denmark, Germany, Netherlands, Switzerland and Luxembourg followed not too far behind Sweden at a 82% rate and it looks like the numbers are only going to increase.

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