3 Brands that Started Online and Became Success Stories

For many brands having a storefront is a thing of the past. Many companies are opting to begin their businesses as an online brand in order to test their product on the market before investing in an expensive shop in cities like New York, London, Tokyo or Los Angeles. Some brands have even started as small, unknown ecommerce, and then became known world wide.


Everlane began in 2010, however, the way they acquired so many customers and an extremely high revenue was by following a rule of transparency. They decided to expose all of their expenses from production to shipment. They wanted their customers to know they are environmentally conscious and socially responsible. By 2015 they estimated 35 million revenue.


Modcloth was an online vintage shop for second hand clothing. What once began in a dorm room was recently bought for approximately $50-$75 million. Co-founder Susan Gregg Koger began Modcloth in 2012 and quickly became an ecommerce success story.

Man Crates

Man Crates create gift boxes for men with a wide range of products. They even went as far as making it possible for their customers to customize and personalize the products ordered in the box. By 2016 they were named as one of the fastest growing retailers within the United States and earned $21 million in revenue.

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